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Can you advertise CBD on Facebook?

Anybody who sells CBD online or runs a brick & mortar CBD business has wondered - can you advertise CBD on Facebook? Here's the truth: Yes, you can advertise CBD on Facebook! Not only do we work with hundreds of CBD business owners who've successfully advertised...

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The CBD Payment Processor Wishlist

Thanks to legislation like the 2018 Farm Bill, finding quality CBD products is easier than ever before. The same can be said for finding a CBD payment processor. In the past, it was difficult, if not impossible, to buy CBD online, let alone start a business selling...

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Shopify CBD Dropshipping Guide

In the past, starting a Shopify CBD dropshipping store was impossible unless you happened to be a Canadian merchant. Thankfully Shopify extended the ability to sell CBD on its platform to U.S. merchants back in 2019. Now, virtually anyone can take part in the booming...

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