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Smoke Drop offers high quality wholesale vaporizers for concentrates, dry herbs, and oils. Get the best prices for your smoke shop on vaporizers from brand name manufactures like Puffco, Storz and Bickel, Yocan, and many more.

We work directly with the top authorized distributor for each brand to bring you hundreds of vaporizers in one simple, secure marketplace. The vaporizer brands your customers are asking for are on Smoke Drop. Expect high margins and volume for your vape shop, smoke shop, or online store.

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Why buy wholesale vaporizers?

Today’s cannabis consumers want to purchase products that are both portable and versatile. Unlike other consumption methods, vaporizers and vape pens don’t require torches or lighters to enjoy cannabis.

Explore our collection of exclusive brands with the latest devices for competitive prices and quality service!

Types of vaping products

Most vaporizers are considered dry herb, concentrate, or hybrid if it works with both flower and concentrates. You’ll also find vaporizers classified as either desktop or portable based on size.

Every vape user has their preference, so stocking a variety of vaporizers is key to serving as many customers as possible and growing business.

Dry herb vaporizers

Users love dry herb vaporizers because they offer precise temperature control in most cases. Just load the oven with dry flower, press a button, and the vaporizer begins heating to your desired temperate. For a quick, smooth vape experience, look no further than a dry herb vaporizer.

Concentrate vaporizers

Concentrate vape pens work with waxes and oils to produce consistent hits for users. Because concentrates are one of the most potent forms of cannabis, experienced users love purchasing concentrate vapes to maximize their experience while limited wasted material.

Hybrid vaporizers

For the best of both worlds, consider hybrid vaporizers that offer dual use for both dry flower and concentrates. Simply switch out the oven, cartridge, or ceramic dish to begin your preferred consumption method. Hybrid vaporizers eliminate the restrictions some customers face with vapes designed specifically for dry herbs or concentrates.

The best of both worlds dual vaporizers allows users to smoke both dry herbs and concentrates. usually with a simple swap out of an oven or ceramic dish or cartridge. This removes the restrictions of single form factor vapes and enables users to smoke what they want and how they want with limitless potential.

Portable vaporizers

Portable vapes are becoming increasingly popular due to their smaller size that allows for easy travel and use on-the-go. You’ll find both dry herb and concentrate portable vaporizers that offer a discreet vaping experience combined with convenience. In the past, portable vapes were cheaply made, but as customer demand grows, manufacturers are beginning to invest more into creating durable, high quality portable vaporizers with modern designs.

Desktop vaporizers

As the name suggests, desktop vaporizers are large, sturdy devices designed to sit on a table and be shared amongst multiple people during a vape session. Much like their smaller counterparts, desktop vapes are designed to work with dry herbs, concentrates, and sometimes both.



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