The China Glass "Tang" Dynasty Vase Pipe

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Glass Vase Bongs
This 11" China Vase Glass Water Pipe features durable boro glass with ornate oriental influences, decal art and a 14mm Female joint. Matching glass round herb slide included. The Tang Dynasty Bong by China Glass comes in black with gold accents.

This China Glass line is exclusive to Smoke Cartel. These pipes offer exquisite thick glass, manufactured by a team of highly-trained master artists from the Hebei province of Northern China. China's rich history and culture is reflected in each crafted piece.

Historians generally regard the Tang as a high point in Chinese civilization, and a golden age of cosmopolitan culture.

90 Degree Joint
Branded Glass
Colored Glass
Dab Rig
Diffused downstem
Includes Bowl
Polished Joint
Straight Neck
Uses 14mm Male Bowl
Worked Glass