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Green - BIG Roll Uh Bowl

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This foldable silicone water pipe is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures!

Fold the Roll Uh Bowl in half, tuck the bowl and downstem inside and secure with the silicone band. Throw your portable piece into a backpack and hit the trails, slopes, beach or wherever adventure may take you.

Proudly made in the USA!

Includes: silicone body, alloy Eject-a-Bowl with roller ball downstem, silicone storage band.

Height: 12" when unfolded
Downstem size: 9mm
Material: BPA-free grade V1 platinum cured silicone, alloy bowl, composite downstem
Features: bendable, foldable, dishwasher safe
Please note:

*Eject-a-bowl and band colors may vary.

Learn how to transform your Roll Uh Bowl into a dab rig!

Dab Rig
Diffused Downstem
Includes Bowl
Made for Dry Herbs
Carry it anywhere!
Highest Quality Materials
Water Pipe