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ELEV8 Solid Color Silicone Downstem

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What is a water pipe without a downstem? Fact is that downstems are a central part of your smoke breaks, but accidents happen and glass breaks. Don't worry; Entropy Labs has got you covered.

These silicone beauties from Entropy Labs are a fantastic alternative for glass downstems. Made from food grade silicone they are heat resistant and easy to clean. Flexible and nearly indestructible, a must have for any stash bag. Heck, keep one or twelve around for desperate times.

Heat Resistant _ÙÎÁ•ü�_ÙÎÁ•ü�_ÙÎÁ•ü�
Dishwasher Safe = Easy Cleaning
Available in Multiple Colors
Various Sizes to Fit Your Pipe
Diffused for Percolation
18mm > 14 mm Female Joint Google Shopping Feed Almost Indestructible Designed in Savannah GA For Female Joints Portable Silicone