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8 inches 6 tree arms diffused oil rig

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Ever wondered what feats of engineering aliens would bring to innovate weed smoking experience through bongs if they took over and colonized our planet only to become bros who like to smoke up with us? You probably haven’t but if you did, the kind of bong that our alien overlords would be smoking will pretty much look something like the 6 arms diffused bubbler. For a smoking experience which will take you to the stratosphere every time you take a hit, you’ll want to get one of these babies that are a marvel of bong engineering that look nothing short of something out of a sci-fi movie.,

  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • 8" Height
  • 4.4 mm Thick Glass
  • Thick bowl for 18 mm male Joint
  • 6 tree arms diffuser
  • Bent Neck