Three 420 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas to Try in 2020

When it comes to finding the perfect smoking device or accessory, many of us do it online, avoiding the bustle of brick and mortar shops. Given the current situation surrounding COVID-19, many consumers will have no choice but to shop online during the biggest holiday in the cannabis community.

Online buying is expected to be huge during the April this year. In the past, retailers have shown an increase of 51%-61% over typical weekday sales during 4/20 campaigns.

Email campaigns are a must to drive traffic to your online store during this holiday.

This is your opportunity to craft creative email campaigns inspired by the celebration. Studies show that shoppers who buy products they saw in email campaigns are likely to spend 138% more per order than those who didn’t see email offers. That’s some bulletproof logic right there.

Three 420 email marketing campaign ideas

We scoured our inboxes for great email campaigns so you can turn them into springboards for your own awesome promotions.

While the examples themselves may not be intended for the cannabis community, we trust you will add your own creative spin to fit your target audience.

Let’s go over why we think they’ll work for you and why you should base your campaigns on them.

1. Send a short and funny 4/20 sale announcement

Everyone loves a good discount! 3/4 of consumers say they comb through their inboxes to find discounts. Offer your customers a nice discount in a fun email they won’t forget. Here’s a summer email marketing campaign idea from Postable.

Subject: Dog Days of Summer Sale! 🐶☀📬

Why it works

The best part about this campaign is the attention-grabbing dog graphic. It gets your focus right after you open the email and radiates cuteness you just can’t help but smile at. That's great because your email campaigns should spark emotion. Whether it shock, joy, or interest—it makes the reader more likely to look through the entire email.

Once they’re hooked, readers are directed to the call to action button that encourages them to visit the store. 

Lastly, there’s little text in the email which makes it an easy read that doesn't take a lot of thinking to understand.

2. Share a thank you letter with a referral code

Word of mouth is still one of the most profitable forms of marketing available. The benchmark for referral conversion rates can be as high as 15%!

We're typically friends with people who share similar interests, desires, passions, etc. That makes a referral campaign the perfect opportunity to swoop into your customer’s inboxes asking for their support and offering a sweet referral deal. Here’s how Maude did just that.

Subject: Get $5 off for every friend you refer.

Why it works

First off, you see the giant “give some, get some” and immediately think it must be a good deal. The content is quick and to-the-point—just the right length for a quick read.

We also like that there is a referral link, rather than a referral code. This in combination with the short instructions towards the bottom half of the email make it much easier for the reader to understand the offer and how to take advantage.

Lastly, this email campaign’s message was timed perfectly. Imagine, you get an email with a referral link to share with your friends and family… right at a time where shoppers are spending more time than usual on social media.

7. Offer free shipping

Offering free shipping is a common promotion for online retailers. It’s also one of the biggest variables that can convert customers to make a purchase.

Here are some thoughts on ways to add free shipping to your email marketing campaigns:

  • with a set expiration date;
  • on carts over a certain dollar amount;
  • on specific items.

Or you can surprise customers with free shipping—no strings attached!

CB2 opted to offer free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

Subject: FREE SHIPPING. (PH: with bonus dog gif.)

Why it works

The email’s like an explosion of cuteness and great deals. The imagery CB2 used for the email is aesthetically appealing without taking itself too seriously. 

CB2’s email is successful because it makes shopping feel fun and relaxing.

This email campaign gives customers two great reasons to shop with the brand—free shipping and a deadline quickly approaching.

The subject line works well to draw attention. Who doesn’t enjoy dog GIFs?

Over to your marketing plans for 420

Take this opportunity to connect with your customers and share your deals.

Use the email campaign ideas in this post and create your own effective 420 promotions. Even if your emails aren't opened, you’re connecting with your customers.