Polish Your Product Pages: Ways to Increase Conversions

For the majority of your customers, the product page is where they’ll make the final decision to purchase a product or leave your store. 

All of the work store owners put into optimizing landing pages, cart pages, and the checkout process are obsolete without a product page designed to convert. Don’t neglect this key component of your sales funnel.

The function of your product page is to tell customers what makes your product great, share how it will fulfill their needs or solve a problem for them, and to describe the features and benefits that will push them to make a purchasing decision. Stunning product photography and persuasive product descriptions are a great starting point, but making a great product page doesn’t end there. 

Let’s review a few proven ways to increase sales and revenue by improving  your product pages.

Pique interest above the fold

Gone are the days when consumers searched through paragraphs to find essential information. Today’s journalists and reporters put lead with the details that matter. As a store owner, you should be doing the same.

When a customer gets to your product page, they’re only one-click away from leaving. Be clear and upfront about what your product is and the value it will bring to them - rather than leaving customers in suspense. 

A great example of this tactic in practice is Nerd Skincare. They offer customers a quick summary of the product details that matter. The product description, ingredients, and benefits are explained in a concise paragraph.

Smoke shop perspective

When selling functional glass, vaporizers, and other accessories, think about the product details that matter most to your customers. For example, material, height, and bowl size are details of a beaker that customers want to know upfront. Adding this information along with examples of use in daily life can convey a persuasive message to customers quickly.

Acknowledge customer concerns

Every customer that visits your product page have their own motivations to purchase and objections that may deter purchasing. It’s your job to address these objections and amplify their motivations to make the purchase.

As you’ll see in the image below, SlideBelts does a great job of directly addressing customer concerns about functionality. By conveying the look of their Survival Belt through photography, SlideBelts can focus more on details that their customers are concerned about - like durability and utility. 

Figure out what’s going through your customer’s mind during a purchasing decision by conducting customer research and challenging your own assumptions. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of your customers while better addressing their valid concerns.

Smoke shop perspective

Two major concerns we’ve consistently identified among cannabis consumers shopping for smoking accessories are durability and discreet shipping. Remember to convey the ability to withstand normal wear and tear when describing your products. Customers don’t want to risk making a purchase if the product is cheaply made and easily broken. 

In many states, consumption of cannabis is still illegal. It’s pivotal to communicate to customers that your packaging will not give away details of the contents inside. This will give them peace of mind and help dispel a potential barrier keeping them from making the purchase.

Leverage videos and GIFs

Product visuals have a difficult job to do when customers reach your product page. Since customers can’t physically examine the product, the visuals you use will need to convey these sensory details.

Quality product photography is essential to converting customers on your product page, but your visuals don’t have to end with just photography. GIFs and videos can compliment your photography while addressing customer concerns and general questions related to your product.

Maternity clothing brand, Storq, leverages videos to showcase the fit of their products. Where a phrase like “normal fit” in the product description fails to capture the sensory details mentioned previously, a short video featuring a model wearing the product provides much more information to help the customer understand the fit of the product.

Smoke shop perspective

Specifically for functional glass and vaporizers, GIFs and videos can further explain a product’s functionality while also providing a better understanding of how it actually works. The Smoke Drop team has found that popular products like Volcanoes can often seem complex to inexperienced cannabis consumers, but instructional GIFs and videos on product pages can help illustrate the low level of effort required to use the product.

Perfecting your product pages

Your product pages are the heart and soul of your online store. If they’re unappealing or poorly structured, you risk losing out on a lot of potential sales.

It’s more than worth it to go the extra mile and build product pages that set you apart from the competition. Customers can quickly recognize if thought and care has been put into the construction of a product page. 

The changes you may need to make are not always big or drastic. Sometimes a change as simple as updating product photography can make a significant difference on your conversion rates.

Continue to develop your product pages as you convert more visitors into customers.