Essential Smoke Drop Shopify Launch Checklist

You’re finally joining Smoke Drop to supercharge your Shopify store! It’s exciting, but can quickly become overwhelming.

If you’re new to smoke, vape, or CBD products on Shopify, you might be feeling unsure about whether or not you’re ready to start selling. Do you need a new payment processor? Have you added age verification? Does your brand have disclaimers?

Rather getting lost in the flood of concerns that arise as you run your business, take a more practical approach to selling smoke, vape, & CBD products on Shopify. Find peace of mind with this helpful Smoke Drop Shopify launch checklist.

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Why a launch checklist is essential

You have a great store design, you have products ready to be imported from Smoke Drop, and your social accounts are primed and ready for posting. Is there anything else?

There are so many moving parts in a business that it’s easy to lookover steps that are critical to a successful business launch. A checklist can help you determine what must get done so you can focus your efforts without ambiguity.

Let’s jump right into your launch checklist!

Double-check your payment gateway

While Shopify allows the sale of smoke, vape, & CBD products on their platform, Shopify Payments, it’s integrated payment gateway, does not permit the sale of these products.

“Products or services that are otherwise prohibited by law or our financial partners

Drug paraphernalia

Any equipment designed for making or using drugs, such as bongs, vaporizers, and hookahs”

Shopify Payments Terms of Service

If you try to sell any smoke, vape, or CBD products with the Shopify Payments gateway, your store will be closed temporarily or permanently.

This does not mean you can’t sell these products on Shopify. It simply means you will need to find a third-party payment gateway who will permit transactions for smoke, vape, & CBD products. 

Shopify has partnered with third-party payment gateways that support the sale of these items. The application process for each gateway will be different. Be sure to review the requirements and apply using these Shopify-specific links:


eMerchant Brokers

Given the nature of this industry, you’ll likely find that the application process with these third-party payment gateways is more involved than others. A number of considerations come into play when gateways consider your application, so it may not always be a quick process.

Implement age verification

The sale of smoking devices, vaporizers, and other related products to minors is not permitted by the FDA. As a result, it’s in your best interest to implement an age verification system on your online store. 

The most commonly used age verification systems require site visitors to confirm they are 18 or older, or to enter their date of birth on the site. There are differing opinions regarding whether or not this method of age verification meets the FDA’s guidelines, so it is recommended that you consult a lawyer and familiarize yourself with state laws regarding the sale of these products.

Here is a great article with more in depth information regarding age verification for your store.

Add a payment method

It’s important to familiarize yourself with how payment for orders is handled with Smoke Drop. When a customer pays for and places an order on your store, our system will automatically pull all relevant order information into the app in your My Orders page. From there, we will charge your payment method on file in the app to begin processing the order for fulfillment.

Orders are not processed until we’ve successfully charged you for the order.

To ensure your orders are paid for and being processed, add a payment method to your account in the Smoke Drop app. You have the option to add a credit/debit card to pay for orders.

More info on adding a payment method to your account can be found here.

Place a sample order

Having a complete understanding of the products you’ll be selling is critical to marketing and describing them. We vet every vendor partnered with Smoke Drop and trust that their products are high quality, authentic, and fulfilled quickly - but only you can determine if a product or vendor is the right fit for your brand. The final item on your checklist is to place a sample order for at least one product to ensure you’re comfortable with packaging, product quality, shipping speeds, etc.

For instructions on how to place a sample order, check out our help center.

Know your responsibilities and start with a plan

It’s important to know your responsibilities. Like anyone selling online, it’s your responsibility to understand and follow federal, state, and local laws and the respective policies of Shopify, its app and partner ecosystem, and any third-party providers. 

For additional questions, consult with an attorney.

Now that you know the critical launch items for your smoke, vape, or CBD store on Shopify, you can put the keys in and start driving sales!