7 Online Vape Shops For Inspiration in 2020

Building a successful online vape store is no easy task. As platforms like Shopify continue to make building an online store easy and accessible, it’s becoming more and more difficult to help your brand stand out from the competition. So, how do you differentiate your brand from everyone else’s?

One way is by designing an eye-catching website. It’s no longer enough to have a winning product or fast shipping speeds. Customers want a memorable experience when they shop with you and a well-designed website can convert a visitor into a passionate brand advocate.

Not sure what makes one vape shop's website better than the rest? We’re here to help. We’ve curated a list of online vape shops with great websites to help inspire your own.

Whether this is your first time designing an online store or your hundredth, we believe you’ll find valuable insights and tips from these shops.



CBDfx does an excellent job of relaying all necessary information to potential customers visiting their product page. Without overwhelming visitors, CBDfx effectively shares a product description, product specifications, value propositions, a how-to-use guide, and product reviews all on the same page. Any questions about the product a customer might have are answered right on the product page.

Wulf Mods


Let’s face it. Vaporizers are not always easy on the eyes when it comes to product design. Wulf Mods knows this, so their homepage features attention-grabbing lifestyle images that show off their products and set a happy mood for customers. The best vape sites know how to grab their audience’s attention to get them to keep them on the page.



As vaporizers become more and more popular amongst consumers, there will naturally be an influx of online shoppers who are buying their very first vape. Vapor.com realizes that the customer journey for an inexperienced user is different than the one for an expert vaper. To accommodate new users, they include a detailed buying guide underneath their product collections.

The guide covers what a vaporizer is, how it works, different types of vaping styles, and even what different vaporizers have to offer. This gives customers a singular location to learn about vaporizers and buy them as well.

You can bet that having this content is not only good for converting visitors, but for driving organic traffic as well.



Many of the websites mentioned on this list leverage their homepage to highlight different promotions or showcase their product collections. AirVape is unique. It puts its best foot forward by showing off a flagship product with captivating video and imagery. 

There’s a sense of luxury that hits the reader as soon as they land on the homepage. Where others push sales and discounts on the homepage, AirVape focuses on quality.



There aren’t many sites out there that match the look and feel KandyPens has created.

Their homepage places a lot of emphasis on video content, customer testimonials, and third party validation. It doesn’t end on the homepage though. The product page for their #1 bestseller doesn’t have much of a description. Instead, the focus is on video testimonials and reviews. 

What sets these reviews apart though is the fact that they are from top influencers and blogs in the industry. It’s one thing to have a customer leave a five-star review, but having an influencer or well-known blog leave a glowing review lets customers know that experts love the product.



“All of our units are designed around the user experience with the goal to provide a long-lasting and convenient alternative to combusting.” Immediately, Boundless speaks to their target audience: I might just be looking for a vaporizer, but yes, I want one that’s built for me and built to last. The site is clean and provides information to help visitors along the customer journey without overwhelming them.

Smoke Cartel


It’s rare to find a site that pulls off a dark color scheme well, but Smoke Cartel is a shining example.

Their homepage provides easy navigation that allows visitors to get directly where they need to go. What might stand out the most is the Instagram page link in the header. 174K+ followers is certainly worth noting and lets potential customers know they can trust you.