Vape Dropshipping with Multiple Suppliers

Vape Dropshipping with Multiple Suppliers

Myron Goldsmith
3 minute read

When dropshipping vaporizers and accessories online, depending on one dropship supplier for all of your products isn’t a wise decision. Imagine one of your dry herb vaporizers starts taking off during the holiday season, only for your supplier to run out of stock. That leaves you with a hot product that has no inventory available. This is just one example of why you should be working with multiple vape dropshipping suppliers. Let’s explore more reasons in this post.

You Gain Access to More Products

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You won’t find a vape dropship supplier that carries every single vape on the market. Working with multiple dropship suppliers gives you access to more vaporizers and accessories to sell. This means you can capitalize on new trends, add complimentary products to your catalog, and even find backup suppliers for popular products in case your primary supplier runs out of stock. Popular brands like Boundless and Puffco are usually carried by many of the leading dropship suppliers.

More Business Opportunities

More dropship supplier partnerships for your online vape store means more and potentially greater business opportunities in the future. As you grow your vape dropshipping business, you’ll likely consider investing more into inventory and fulfillment. Managing warehouse space and buying wholesale, or getting custom labeling with packing slips for your orders are just a few examples of what types of services your dropship supplier may be able to offer as you grow. 

If you’re only working with one supplier and they can’t offer any of these advanced services, that limits the capabilities and potential of your business. With multiple dropship supplier partnerships, there’s a greater chance of finding a supplier that is able to offer more customization or services to you as you grow.

Quality Assurance

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How do you know if you’re offering the highest quality products and services without checking the competition? This includes your supplier’s competition as well. As mentioned, popular vaporizers and accessories are often carried by many of the top vape dropship suppliers. Working with more than one supplier lets you verify the quality of the products and services you and your customers receive, compared to what others are offering.

You may even find that it’s more cost-effective to work with dropship suppliers that have slightly higher price points than a dropship supplier with low prices if the product quality and order experience are that much better.

Final Note

For new and experienced vape dropshippers, partnering with multiple suppliers is a must for your business. Not only does it increase your pool of vaporizers and accessories to choose from, but it also gives you a safety net in case unexpected inventory or fulfillment issues arise with a supplier.

At the end of the day, the quality of your dropship suppliers is more important than the quantity, but there are more than enough quality dropship suppliers out there who are ready to help your business grow.

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