How to Advertise Your Head Shop Products on Facebook

How to Advertise Your Head Shop Products on Facebook

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Scaling your head shop dropshipping business can be difficult. Finding customers, driving traffic, and making sales are hard enough for any new online store, but add in the fact that Facebook is very restrictive of cannabis-related content on its advertising platform and it can feel nearly impossible to see progress.

In this post, we’ll cover some basic tips and tricks to advertise your head shop business directly on Facebook with violating any rules or subverting their prohibited content policy. We’ve tested these methods for the past few months and have found success in our own dropshipping ventures by leveraging Facebook’s ad platform without getting our account suspended or disabled. Before diving into our strategy, let’s review what exactly Facebook prohibits in regards to head shops.


Facebook Ad Policy


Ads must not promote the sale or use of illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs.

Drug-related paraphernalia, such as bongs, rolling papers, and vaporized delivery devices

Avoid using images of smoking-related accessories (like bongs and rolling papers)

Avoid using images of either recreational or medical marijuana.

Avoid using images that imply the use of a recreational drug.


Essentially, you cannot promote the use or sale of cannabis or products directly related to the use and sale of cannabis. This includes glassware, bongs, rolling papers, vaporizers, etc. Do not try to circumvent this policy with any of the products we just listed. The risk is not only having an ad disapproved or your account suspended. Your advertising account could be terminated indefinitely. 

Instead, advertise your head shop on Facebook in a way that follows their ad policy while getting your business and products in front of potential customers.

Promote Approved Products

As mentioned in the policy above, Facebook does not permit any creative displaying or implying the use of bongs, rolling papers, cannabis, etc. However, there are products you are likely already selling on your head shop that Facebook will actually permit. Let’s review a few of them.



Facebook permits the promotion of lighters in advertising creative.  So while you can’t promote the products that lighters may be used on, you can promote the lighter itself. Lighters are a great complementary product for head shops and can help the audience you target through ads infer what products you sell, outside of just lighters.




Grinders, a common product found on most head shops, make an excellent focal point in advertising creative for your head shop. Remember, you can’t promote the use of cannabis so you’ll need to promote herb & spice grinders to stay in line with Facebook ad policies, but your audience will be able to understand the message you’re trying to get across.

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Digital Scales

A staple of most cannabis enthusiasts, digital scales are permitted to be promoted in your Facebook ads and still send the same message to the audience you target about your head shop and the types of products that they can find. 

Promote Complementary Products

The products listed above can be promoted on Facebook, but cannot directly promote the use of cannabis or illegal substances. Complementary products are a great option if you’re looking to advertise on Facebook while clearly stating you run a cannabis-focused business, the following complementary products are a great solution.


Graphic Tees

Let your creativity and design skills loose with graphic tees sporting cannabis-related designs to entice your audience and drive visits your online head shop. The great benefit of selling graphic tees alongside your main product catalog is that they are a natural complement and allow you to directly advertise cannabis-friendly messaging on Facebook without violating rules.

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Mitigating the smell of cannabis or other tobacco-related products is often of great concern to your head shop audience, especially if they’re consuming in a communal or public space. Incense and candle products can become the ultimate upsell/cross-sell for your business. Serve your customers more than just traditional head shop products by including inventory like candles that keep customers coming back for more from you brand.


Final Note

Don’t be discouraged if you’re struggling to advertise your head shop business on Facebook. Leverage the tips shared here to remain in-line with Facebook’s ad policy without spending money on campaigns that don’t get across your message. Facebook is not the only advertising option for your brand, but it is powerful enough to get it off the ground or even scale it to the next level. Create new campaigns today and elevate your head shop business!

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