Ecommerce Platforms for Dropshipping CBD

Ecommerce Platforms for Dropshipping CBD

Myron Goldsmith
3 minute read

One of the first steps to take in dropshipping CBD online is finding the right ecommerce platform. Not all major ecommerce platforms support CBD sales, but luckily many of the most popular do. Let’s review three of the top ecommerce platforms for merchants planning to build the next CBD giant.


If you’re new to ecommerce or don’t have experience starting an online store from scratch, Shopify can be a great platform for you! Shopify’s platform is one of the most user-friendly around and they’ve been supporting CBD businesses in the US for almost a year now.

With Shopify, you get access to all the tools needed to get your online store up and running. This includes marketplace integrations, built-in marketing tools, and insights to grow your business.

Every new Shopify merchant can claim a free, 14-day trial on the platform. Outside of their built-in tools, Shopify manages a community of apps developed by third-party companies called the Shopify App Store. Here, you’ll find hundreds of apps for your business - including apps for sourcing CBD products to dropship.

Before getting started with Shopify, we recommend checking out our article covering how you can get started selling CBD on the platformEven with all of the support Shopify and other ecommerce platforms may provide, you should still keep track of local and federal regulations around CBD.


WooCommerce is another popular ecommerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses - serving over 1 million WordPress sites.

Although Shopify itself does not outright prohibit CBD related products, their native payment processor, Shopify Payments, does not support dropshipping CBD at all. This forces merchants to look for a third party payment processor that can integrate with Shopify – which adds more hurdles to the process of launching your store.

That’s where WooCommerce comes in. By partnering with Square’s CBD solution, merchants can start a CBD store from scratch on WooCommerce and not need to worry about researching third party payment processors. 

For new merchants, WooCommerce has provided a set of Guidelines for CBD and Other Hemp-Derived Products. These guidelines only apply to merchants who plan to use other services outside of WooCommerce’s open-source software, like Jetpack or WooCommerce Tax.


Last but certainly not least on our list is BigCommerce. As a member of the National Hemp Association, BigCommerce offers solutions for dropshipping CBD tailored towards larger merchants, but it’s a great solution for beginners as well.

Unlike Shopify, BigCommerce provides full access to their suite of ecommerce solutions to CBD merchants. They’ve completely greenlit CBD on the platform - which is a big win for merchants. This investment in the industry has allowed BigCommerce to offer a fast-track for CBD merchants that need a payment partner.

Security is a priority with BigCommerce. They leverage Google Cloud Platform so you can worry less about monitoring your site and focus more on making sales. Combine this with their extensive list of marketing features available out-of-the-box and it’s clear the BigCommerce is a great platform choice for CBD merchants at any level.

Final Note

As laws and regulations regarding CBD have become more consumer-friendly in recent years, online shoppers are looking for various beauty and wellness products made with CBD. When it comes to dropshipping CBD online, there is no shortage of platforms that will support you. Now is the perfect time to ride the wave of this booming market.

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