Shipping Tips for CBD Dropshipping (USA) Stores

Shipping Tips for CBD Dropshipping (USA) Stores

Myron Goldsmith
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The hype around running a CBD dropshipping (USA) store is real! In just a few minutes, you can build a website and find suppliers to source CBD products from. It’s not easy by any means, but success is possible with the CBD Dropshipping (USA) business model. Entrepreneurs all over the country are bringing in 4 to 7 figures a month dropshipping CBD!


A profitable CBD dropshipping (USA) store requires hard work and an investment of time and energy. One aspect of the business model that many struggle with is their shipping strategy. 


Shipping in general is one of the most troublesome parts of building a dropshipping store. From how much you charge for shipping to controlling your customer’s order experience, this post provides helpful tips to make shipping easier for you and your customers.

Place sample orders to understand the shipping process

cbd dropshipping usa sample order


There’s no need to order every CBD topical or tincture in your catalog, but place a sample order for at least one product so you know exactly how shipping is handled by your dropship supplier.


Pay close attention to how long it takes for the order to be processed and shipped. Take note of how the packaging looks upon delivery. Are marketing materials like flyers and coupons from your supplier included? 


Placing a sample order puts you in the shoes of your customers so you can get a full picture of their order experience. It also shows you which suppliers have a shipping process that is a good fit for your brand.

Make delivery times clear

One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make when starting a new CBD dropshipping (USA) store is not being upfront with customers about delivery time. 


Be transparent with customers upfront and place all shipping information in an easily accessible area of your site like a footer link or tab on your product pages.


Many online shoppers are used to lightning quick delivery from Amazon, so without information on your shipping speed upfront, they may expect you to ship the same day their order was placed.


Even if you’re building a CBD dropshipping (USA) store, let customers know how long it will take for an order to ship after it’s placed and how long it will take to deliver. You’ll save yourself a lot of time on customer service emails.

Answer shipping questions with your suppliers

Your dropship suppliers don’t just ship products to customers. They also serve as a partner to your business, so don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions about the shipping process.


If you do reach out and get no response, that’s a red flag to take seriously. Suppliers should be responding within a reasonable time to any order inquiries or general questions. You don’t want to have an order issue with a customer that you can’t resolve with your supplier. 

Consider free shipping

cbd dropshipping usa free shipping


Everyone loves free shipping. Getting a delivery the same day you placed it on Amazon is a great feeling, but most online shoppers care more about saving money than getting their order as quickly as possible. Build shipping costs into the price of your products and get customers excited about free shipping by making it prominent on your site.


Final thoughts on shipping


Shipping is a part of dropshipping that everyone building a CBD dropshipping (USA) store will deal with when getting started. The nature of the dropship models requires working with suppliers to process orders and send packages to customers, so it’s important to not only understand the process but to partner with quality suppliers as well. 


If you’re struggling to find CBD suppliers who can dropship at reasonable prices with fast delivery, check out Smoke Drop. All CBD products ship from the USA within 1-2 days after the order is placed. Join hundreds of CBD dropshipping (USA) stores using Smoke Drop to grow their business!

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