5 Productivity Tips To Sell CBD Oil from Home

5 Productivity Tips To Sell CBD Oil from Home

Myron Goldsmith
3 minute read

Do you sell CBD oil from home? In this ultimate guide you will be able to find ways on how to be productive from home when selling CBD Oil.

Set a “Productivity Power Hour”

When working from home, losing focus and getting interrupted by distractions is common. One way to put an end to this to get some work done is by establishing a “productivity power hour” at the start of every day. This is a one-hour slot of time where you work on a task with no outside distractions. That means no looking at your phone, checking emails, or getting up to do a chore. Your sole focus is to work on the task for the full hour.


The productivity power hours creates a tunnel vision of focus so you can keep your mind on the task at hand. We recommend working on your biggest task of the day during your productivity power hour. You can also focus on one of the more difficult tasks you have on your plate. The most important part is to choose a task you can finish within the productivity power hour so you benefit from that feeling of accomplishment when the hour ends. There’s no better way to start a workday than with a small win!


Spice Up Your Work Space


5 Productivity Tips To Sell CBD Oil from Home


Keeping a dedicated space in your home for work is highly recommended by seasoned remote workers. We suggest taking a step further by working in different parts of your house throughout the day. This not only creates a physical barrier to separate work life and home life, but it also keeps you feeling fresh instead of fatigued. When you sell CBD oil from home, you’ll likely be working at the computer all day so a change as small as a different chair or table can make a big difference in regards to your productivity.


Find a Window


Working from home feels much less confined than in an office or cubicle, but there’s still a tendency to feel trapped. Combat this by working in a spot where you can see through a window. It will brighten up a busy day and give you a moment of relief when it feels like the walls are closing in.

Turn on “Do Not Disturb”

Think twice before checking that Facebook or Twitter notification during work hours when you sell CBD oil from home. Notifications can disrupt your workflow and flatten any productivity being built. Turn on Do Not Disturb mode to eliminate notifications that aren’t work related so you can focus your attention on the tasks at hand.

Schedule Breaks Throughout the Day

Keeping a set work schedule is essential to productivity when working from home, but nobody is productive 100% of the time. Plan regular breaks throughout the day when setting your work schedule. Taking a 15-minute break will grant much needed relief from the stress that running a business from home can bring. 

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